1. Smart logistic of value-add

The FTP business transports duty-free goods to the taxable area or bonded area to value-add.

5. Bonding account management

Use actual or predicted consumption demand and inventory as a solution to market demand forecast and inventory replenishment

2. Import & Export customs clearance

Apply for imports & exports based on local regulations.

3. Multi-countries consolidation

Containers entering the port of Taipei will go through the procedures of merging counters and declaring transshipment exports after entering the transit warehouse of the approved depot.

4. Value added operation

It is mainly engaged in the processing operations in the latter stage of the product manufacturing process, which can be divided into deep industrial processing and simple logistics processing.

6. Regional hub

Based on the six advantages of customs clearance, tax concessions or exemptions, deep processing, single administrative window and convenient sea, land and air transportation in Taipei port free trade port area, it provides enterprises with business flow and financial support as regional operation and research centers in Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia and the Western pacific logistics, information flow, logistics advantage and competitiveness.

7. Automobile / Vehicle inspection and certification

Apply to the central competent authority for verification and approval instead.