Service Content

1. Multimodal transport

By adjoining the central section of Taoyuan international airport & Songshan airport, the six advantages of the FTP are integrated to provide convenient and cost-effective services for sea-to-air or air-to-sea transfers.

4. Ship stevedoring

According to the characteristics of the vehicle and the goods entrusted by the customer, the material flow line is planned in advance, and the professionals carefully unload and load the goods throughout the process with high quality, and keeping records for customers to inquire.

2. Port agent

Assist shipping company to apply the related documents to different government department due to vessel can in & out port smoothly.

3. Port operations

Our team can provide the information of port to customer immediately.


5. Warehouse management

Our warehouse has provides high quality storage.

6. Vehicle maintenance

Provide the different high quality service for the customer’s requirement.