1. Interior and exterior accessories

Appearance parts, metal lower guard plate, aerokit, spoier, interior trim, door leather trim, welcome pedal, light shielding pad, gear saddle legrest, luggage compartment waterproof tray, floor mats, hand brake leather covers, key leather and other plastic and metal products.

4. Vehicle accessories

Customized leather & cloth trash cans for vehicles, waterproof trays, integrated leather luggage bags, hot-pressed rear compartment dividers, flattened luggage compartment panels, floor mats, door trims and other products.

2. Heavy Motorcycle accessories

Appearance parts, rearview mirrors, metal shields, appearance kits, spoilers, seat cushion trims, foot pedals, metal boarding pedals, new seat cushions, luggage compartments, floor mats, brake leather covers, brake metal grip plastic and metal products.

3. Leather & Cloth accessories

Tarpaulins, leather accessories, personalized products, customized parts for automobiles.。

5. After-sales service

PDI installation and service for customers.


6. Vehicle conversion

We are the partner of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles and responsible for conversion of Caddy Van, Amarok, Transporter Van and Caravelle and Crafter.