Salary System
Bonuses: year-end bonus、performance appraisal and high-quality homework bonuses. Gift: three festivals、marriage、birthday. Allowance: childbirth、 bereavement、hospitalization condolence、childcare/childcare subsidie.
Employee health management
Labor health insurance、accident group insurance、employee regular health check.
Holiday System
2 days off weekends、special/annual leave、paternity leave、family care leave, physiological leave、parental leave.

Training development
Organize internal education and training to improve working ability. Subsidies for external education and training、encouraging employees to continuously improve their learning、irregular employee meetings and team cohesion activities.

Multiple welfare activities
Free lunch, replenishment snack cabinet, birthday party, end teeth, Mid-Autumn Festival and Christmas activities, corporate subsidies and domestic and foreign employees travel.

Excellent Workplace
Comfortable office environment and safety-first work site.

International workplace environment
With branches in various parts of Asia and continuous layout, customers and partners are all the world's top 100 enterprises.