• 2002 Tonglit Established
  • 2004 Beginning
  • 2005 The first Free Trade Zone(FTZ) operation / RO-RO ship mooring Taipei Port
  • 2008 AC Established in Thailand
  • 2010 TLA Established in India
  • 2011 TAT Established in Thailand
  • 2012 CQTJ Established in Chongqing China
  • 2013 Tonglit office building completed / AC Established in Thailand
  • 2015 NVPC Established in Shanghai China / TAIPEI PORT INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS CO., LTD Established
  • 2016 Established in Guangzhou China / The number of imported and exported vehicles reaches one million
  • 2017 TLA Established in India
  • 2018 ISO 45001

Business philosophy

Tonglit Logistics Co., Ltd. was established in February 2002 and became the FTZ Enterprise in port of Taipei to obtain the first Taiwan free trade zone business license in September 2005. We primarily engaged in providing total solution to auto logistics of completed build-up Unit (CBU) and also imported/exported parts consolidation and provide automotive value- added logistic for 19,000 vehicles every year. Together with 160 vehicle-trucking transportation owned by Sunlit Transportation Co., Ltd, we provide one stop comprehensive logistics services to 70% of market throughout Taiwan.

Our vision

Tonglit Logistics takes advantages of well-developed geographical location, highly developed multimodal transportation and utilization of FTZ tax benefit to continue expanding the scale of services in order to promote the long-term development of automotive industry and logistics industry, of course, continue to cooperate with auto industries to link up the supply chain and become regional logistics and distribution center and to work together to create business opportunities.

    Our core values


    Overseas business

    TAT、AC、TLA、Palms Auto